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I’m very pleased with the training. I know NeuroTracker has improved my attention, concentration and mental focus in a way that allows me to get into the zone when I need to.
Abhinav Bindra, India shooting Olympic gold medalist
Taekwondo is a very fast sport so you have to be totally aware, a single lapse and it could be game over. NeuroTracker is simply a vital tool for me now. It’s helped me see things quicker, process information faster and sustain my attention for longer, and this is what gives me the edge over my rivals.
Aaron Cook, UK-Taekwondo World No.1, 8 time Olympic gold medalist
When we first used NeuroTracker it was actually the athletes that told us it was having a real impact on their game shape. Now we implement it with all our sports. I’m convinced NeuroTracker boosts awareness of what is happening on the field when it matters most, and that empowers each athlete to chase down their potential because now they condition both their mind and body.
Michael Doscher, M.S. CSCS MSCC, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Valdosta State University
Not only the NeuroTracker has been a game changer for me as a sports psychologist but the entire relationship with NeuroSport Performance has elevated my game. NSP simplifies the business end for me, they have over produced based on their promises and I not only have a world class mental training system in the NeuroTracker but I have direct access to the sharpest minds in mental performance training technology.
Vince Lodato, MSW, LCSW Sport Psychologist
The NeuroTracker is a great addition to the performance tools I provide for my athletes from the youngsters to the professional athletes. The NeuroTracker fits in seamlessly as I can now assess a client, I can train them individually and or it works as part of our performance circuit, letting me see how my clients concentrate throughout exhaustion. It’s simply a vital tool for me now. The athletes see things quicker, process information faster and they sustain attention for longer periods of time and that’s what gives them the edge over their rivals.
Dr. Mark Stonkus, CC-AASP, LMHC, CSCS
In preparing Canadian athletes for the Olympic Games, I find NeuroTracker integrates well across sports within the yearly training plan. As well as improving perception, it’s ideal in pre-training for cognitively getting into the zone. Our elite athletes report better reading of game flow, heightened anticipation of collisions, faster decision making, and ultimately more confidence under high pressure play. NeuroTracker is fast becoming a must-have tool for professional teams.
Pierre Beauchamp, Ph.D., Founder and CEO-Peak Sport Performance Mindroom
Elite athletes leverage huge advantages from their mental prowess on the field, and so finding a way to condition performance cognitively has always been a major challenge for sports science. I think NeuroTracker is a genuine breakthrough here. It’s a proven science technology that trains fundamental skills with rapid gains, and the results unlock a wealth of new performance data.
Leonard Zaichkowsky, Ph.D. , Vancouver Canucks, Director of Sports Science (2010-2011)-Spain National Soccer Team (2006), Sport Psychologist
The training that NeuroTracker provides is key for any sport, not just football. Athletes need to be able to react to their surroundings as quickly as possible to stay ahead of their opponents. When elite athletes come to OSG, I make NeuroTracker training a part of their total fitness program because, ultimately, it’s the decisions you make on the pitch – as much as your speed or strength – that determine your level of success.
Mike Clegg, Manchester United Coach 2000-2011-Founder of Olympic Sports Gym and Sports Performance Innovation